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Who's Who: Karate Kid II

Karate Kid II
by Siskoid

Real Name: Myg
Super-Power(s): Martial arts mastery
Planet of Origin: Lythyl
Legion Seniority: The second Karate Kid was the third recruit to join the Legion in the mostly-unchronicled era known as the Five-Year Gap.

Legion Log 
In accordance with the terms of the original Karate Kid (Val Armorr)'s will, Timber Wolf and Sensei Toshiaki travel to the planet Lythyl, where they meet with the planet's ruling council – the Three Judges – which includes a teenager named Myg. After engaging the pair in a test of hand-to-hand combat skills, he is knocked unconscious by Timber Wolf and Sensei who smuggle him off world, so he will not be corrupted, as was Val's father Kirau Nezumi AKA the Black Dragon. Humbled by the level of respect given to Val even in death, Myg vows to follow in his path as the new Karate Kid and enrolls in the Legion Academy. Subsequently, he briefly joins the Legion of Substitute Heroes.

During the Five Year Gap, Karate Kid II was offered membership in a fast-depleting Legion and accepted. He was good at the job, but Dominion-controlled EarthGov used his shady past to smear the Legion's reputation. He went on the run and was captured by Dominators who tortured and broke him. When he crossed paths with the Legion again, he was working for the other side. Though the Legion tried to help him, his psyche wasn't repaired before Zero Hour wiped out the time line.

No version of Myg seems to exist after the Reboot or Threeboot.

After Infinite Crisis, it seems Karate Kid II once again did join the Legion of Super-Heroes, but quickly became disillusioned by the discord between some of the Legionnaires. Years later, he became Lythyl's representative to the United Planets Council, and would soon advocate the disbanding of the Legion. He is ultimately murdered by Radiation Roy during an attack on the U.P. Council by the so-called "Justice League of Earth".

Important Karate Kid II Stories:

Legion of Super-Heroes (v3) #13
First appearance of the second Karate Kid, defeated and taken from Lythyl
by Timber Wolf and Karate Kid I's Sensei

Legion of Super-Heroes (v3) #24
Karate Kid II is a difficult Legion Academy cadet

Legion of Super-Heroes (v3) Annual #3
Karate Kid II joins the new Legion of Substitute-Heroes

Legion of Super-Heroes (v4) #40
After the 5-Year Gap, a broken Karate Kid II fights for the Dominion

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #1
After Infinite Crisis, Myg has left the Legion and become a politician, 
representing Lythyl at the United Planets

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #3
Karate Kid II returns to action during Final Crisis, only to be killed by Radiation Roy

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  1. Myg had a cool costume that I would have liked Val to have used but that was about it .