Friday, December 21, 2018

All Anj Wants For Christmas

Okay, maybe it isn't realistic to want Ayla Ranzz to wish me happy holidays personally.

But as the end of 2018 approaches and the calendar turns over, I thought I would look at a couple of things I am hoping to see in this upcoming new year.

1) A new Legion of Super-Heroes title on the shelves -

Look, it has been 8 years since the last Legion of Super-Heroes #1 issue was seen on the stands. That was the beginning of the New 52! And we know how that particular run ended, with a desperate attempt to bring the most highly regarded creative team back together for one last hurrah, with the team in disarray, and with poor characterization.

We have subsequently gone through multiple reboots and resets and refocuses.


And yet, in all of these new directions and new outlooks on the DCU, the Legion seems to be poison.

Now there has been some rumblings to make me think this is possible. Brian Michael Bendis has been posting pics of the Legion at times. We have seen lesser known properties - things like Dial H, the Wonder Twins - given books. We have seen other continuity bugaboos brought back for the sheer fun of it - Young Justice with Conner, Bart, Cassie, and even Amethyst.

The time is right DC. Put a new Legion book out ... but make it the right Legion book. 

1a) Finish Doomsday Clock!

This is really a corollary to number one.

Doomsday Clock #1 was released on November 22, 2017.

13 months later we have had 8 issues.

Given that DC timelines, including the Legion's (given Saturn Girl's presence in the present) is tied up in how this all turns out, I figure a Legion book can't happen until Doomsday Clock finishes.

For all I know, one of the key elements of Doomsday Clock's finale is setting up what the future looks like and which Legion exists there. Is it the retroboot Legion, the last one seen in New 52? Or is it something new?

2) More Legion of Super-Heroes live!

Last season on Supergirl we saw Mon-El, Saturn Girl, and Brainiac 5.

This season we have heard about Nura Nal and Naltor.

Over on the Flash, we heard that XS was part of a reboot Legion.

We have seen Superman on the Supergirl show again and we know he has a flight ring in that continuity.

And we have had untold crossovers between all the CW shows and glimpses of universes.

The time is right for us to see more of the Legion live.

Maybe we have to wait a year until next year's mega-crossover on the CW.

If it truly is a COIE event, it involves both universes and time. Maybe we'll see some more of the Earth 38 Legion. Maybe we'll see some of the Earth 38 Reboot Legion. Maybe we'll see more than one version of characters like Brainy, or see them in different costumes as time and reality fluxes.

No matter how it happens, I need to see Ultra Boy, Wildfire, and maybe even a CGI Blok.

3) More Legion Merchandise

I have been on a #goalweight journey for 18 months now and have been at the goal weight for 9 months. At some point I thought I'd reward myself with a goodie and went to the internet to find a Legion t-shirt ... size medium!!!

And yes, if you look hard enough you can find folks out there making their own Legion merchandise you can buy (like this Wildfire shirt I got). But I'd love for DC to do the same.

Every month in solicits, we see countless trades, statues, and action figures available through DC Direct. How about adding some Legion stuff into the mix.

How about a 2 figure sets of all the famous couples - Mon and Shady, Jo and Tinya, Ayla and Vi, Thom and Nura?

How about a simple t-shirt with the Legion logo?

4) More Blog chatter

I'd love to meet up with some of the other writers of the site in person.

If this blog has the traffic, I'd love to have a meet-up with fans at cons I go to.

The reason this site was made was because Legion fans like me wanted a place to celebrate the team. I'd love to do that in person with anyone who wants to share a cup of coffee and just shoot the breeze.

What do you all hope to be in the Legion stocking for 2019?


  1. I would love to see an ongoing series spin out of the "Quantum Age" Black Hammer mini-series. In just a few short issues, it's created one of the best "Legion" tributes I've ever read.

  2. A continuation of Reboot era Legion trade paperbacks.

  3. I wanna be the one who decides who lives and who dies... in the Legion.

  4. I believe that using Superman's son as the Superboy that restarts the Legion is the right path.