Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Sarcasm Kid's 2018 Holiday Wishes

This is the holiday commission I set up specifically for Super-Bloggers. Instead of having the commission double for here and Legion World, I'm now commissioning one each for each website. It wasn't right to make you guys share a gift.

This year's piece is done by Denise Zhang from over on twitter.

Denise is a recent Legion fan. I found and befriended Denise after seeing the rather gorgeous fan art she's done of the Fab Five Teen Titans. That she's done artwork of Roy Harper with his good tattoo (the Navajo band and not those generic trucker frat boy things) meant an immediate follow from me.

Since then Denise and I have sort of bonded over our shared love of the Titans and our mutual hatred for Dan Didio, Tom King, and DC's latest abomination "Heroes in Crisis." Surprisingly, another friend of Denise's got her interested in the Legion cartoon and she immediately became a fan!

It would've been too obvious to go with Garth and Rokk kissing Imra, and it feels more natural to have him in-between them like he's their mutual husband. I love the little Superman and Brainiac 5 ornaments Denise put on the tree.

And as a bonus, Denise did this:

So here's to another year on Legion of Super-Bloggers and another year without a new Legion comic. Here's hoping you guys have a good holiday, and let's pray in 2019 DC finally gets its garbage together and finds somebody less likely to tank a Legion comic.

...andmaybeDidioandKinggetfired I MEAN HAPPY HOLIDAYS, Y'ALL. I LOVE YOU. I'm sure that covered it up pretty well.
~Sarcasm Kid

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  1. I love this! I think the friendship and love as embodied by the three founders is just wonderful. In many ways I think Rokk is the twin brother Garth never had....!
    Great work, Denise, and thanks for posting this, Jude!