Friday, December 14, 2018

The Legion ... LIVE!

Everyone has been craving a Legion of Super-Heroes comic book to be back on the shelves. And while there have been hints that DC is considering it, we haven't heard anything concrete.

What amazes me is that we are probably closer to seeing a true live action Legion on television than we are to seeing a comic. There is no way that I would ever believe that to be true.

Last season we had true Legion stuff on the Supergirl show to mull over. Mon-El, Saturn Girl, and Brainiac 5 all were present, hoping to stop The Blight from taking root in the future. There were flight rings and 'Long Live the Legion' and name drops. It wasn't a Legion proper but it was pretty close.

What amazes me is that the CW seems gearing up for more.

Over on Supergirl, Nia Nal has been added to the supporting cast. She is a woman from Naltor gifted with Oneiromancy. And Brainiac 5 seems to know a lot about her. In fact, he inadvertently calls her Nura in the scene they interact.

Dream Girl exists in this continuity, in the future.

Okay, so Supergirl has dipped into Legion. But there is more ...

Over on the Flash we had an honest to goodness, bona fide Legion moment recently.

This season Nora West-Allen has been added to the cast, a speedster from the near future. She is Barry and Iris's daughter but she wears a costume which looks an awful lot like XS. She calls herself XS. But being in the near future isn't the same as being 1000 years in the future.

However ...

In a recent episode, she is named by the AI Gideon as XS, fifth recruit of the reboot Legion.

Not only a Legion mention but also a notation that she is part of the reboot team. That is a deep cut for comic fans like us here. I don't know if I can say just how much I was grinning like a fool when I heard this. Be still my heart.

But the Flash is a different universe that Supergirl. Flash is CW Earth-1. Supergirl is CW Earth-38. So now we have 2 Legions in the CW.

Ahhh ... but there is even more ...

Next year's CW crossover has already been named Crisis on Infinite Earths.

This year's Elseworlds was a pretty good extrapolation of COIE, riffing on a number of images and destinies.

But an actual COIE on TV?

That hints that maybe there will be a melding of the CW universes, Supergirl living on Flash's world all the time. Could it also means maybe a melding of the Legions?

And Crisis was also a mashup of all universes but also all times. If it is a massive crossover, why not bring all the Legionnaires we've seen back? Why not bring in more? Why not show the whole team??

I can only dream. Start the fan-casting now!


  1. I wasn't impressed by the portrayal of Mon-El when he first showed up on "Supergirl". But that totally changed when he returned. He was like the student who surpassed the teacher.

  2. Hey Anj,
    I think about this a lot as well as I watch week to week. Love the blog and first time commenter here. If there was to be a spin-off it was almost like they set up The Winn Schott character at the end of last season to be some kind of stand in RJ Brande because of the technology he invented that makes that future possible.

  3. XS has been cavorting with Eobard Thawne however so it may be a misdirection and turn out she was with the Legion of Doom ... But she did name drop Lightning Lad

    1. That's a good thought. I hadn't even considered the possibility of Gideon referring to a different "Legion"

  4. Hmmm ... we should reach out to the writers! That would be a crazy feint!

  5. Answer one question, how does a transgendered person reproduce to have descendants one thousand years away. The show mentioned she has completed the transition (thus scientifically rendering her sterile.) Is she cloned (in which case it would be genetically male), or will the super-science of Naltor have an answer?