Friday, May 17, 2019

More Keith Giffen Autographs

 Last week I talked about meeting Keith Giffen and bringing him some 5YL books to get signed.

As I have said, one of the new things I need to calculate when I attend cons is the cost of autographs. With more and more creators charging for their autograph, I need to decide how much money I want to spend on signatures and therefore how to rank issues.

For Giffen, as a lifelong fan, I had in my mind 10 signatures or $50 maximum. If Giffen was charging $10 a sig, I would only get 5 books signed.

Incredibly, Giffen wasn't charging. In fact, at Terrificon that year, only a couple of creators were charging. Most had a Heroes Initiative charity jar on their table instead. I definitely threw a lot of money into those jars that weekend.

Meanwhile, with Giffen signing whatever you brought to him and with (shockingly) never a long line at his table, I was able to bring books to him each day. And with the 5YL books signed, I dove into the earlier years.

So now, with that out of the way, the question I ask you is which issues would you bring from your collection to be signed.

I think most would bring some (if not all) of the Great Darkness Saga. Let's face it, that story sort of out Levitz/Giffen on the map. And it still holds up today. I opted to bring the first and last issue, #290 and #294. My guess is Giffen has signed a ton of these.

 With those out of the way, I decided to pick and choose.

Legion #300 is a great issue, with many contributors, and leaning into the Legion history. So that was also an easy one to pick.

As a Supergirl fan, I knew I needed to bring one of the issues that showcased her. And Legion #303 has her on the cover. So I was grabbed that one too. (To be honest, I also brough Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #3, a cover her drew.)

But I knew I had to bring Legion #305. For me, this is sort of the epitome of the Levitz/Giffen greatness. The Violet replacement was a subplot that had been planned and enacted for over a year. The clues were all there. But it still came a shock. I told Giffen how much I loved that reveal.

 I also brought Legion Annual #1 And Legion Annual #3. The return of Computo! The Curse!

Easy choices!

Then I was left with the Baxter series and what issues to bring from that.

Legion of Super-Heroes #1 is an easy choice.

But Legion #5 was an easy choice for me. The end of the LSV story. Nemesis Kid. Projectra leaving the team (for now). Love this issue.

I also brought an extra #1 to give to friend Mart Gray. And I brought Legion #304 to get signed for Legion blogger Siskoid.

So I'll pose the question again. What issues would you bring to Giffen?


  1. Seconding your remarks about "The Great Darkness Saga". Recently scored a used copy of the "Deluxe Hardcover" edition of that one. It features many of the stories leading up to, the Saga itself and a couple of after issues as a sort of extended epilogue. Great stuff.

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  3. I met him once or twice in Baltimore...I had Legion Annual #1 (great choice, and great image for a signature) and also Baxter Legion #1. I feel like I brought another one or two but can't think of what they were...Superboy #50, where he drew the cover maybe.