Sunday, July 19, 2015

Happy Birthday, Dick Giordano!

Happy Birthday, Dick Giordano! 

Tomorrow July 20 is the birthday of extraordinary penciller, inker, editor, and all-around-good-guy Dick Giordano, born on this date in  1932.

Dick first broke into comics at Charlton Comics in the mid Sixties as an editor. During his tenure there he worked with such talent as Jim Aparo, Denny O'Neil, and Steve Skeates. In 1968 he was hired by DC Comics, and brought several of these talented gentlemen with him. He was initially the editor of titles such as Aquaman and Teen Titans, as well as the inker for Neal Adams on several classic Batman stories. Later still, he became the editor of the Batman titles, then the entire DC line. He retired from DC in 1993.

Dick Giordano's place in comic history is assured. However, many people forget that he played a pivotal role in the Legion's history as well. From 1979 until 1980 he was the regular cover artist for Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes. In fact, Dick drew the cover to the very last issue of that title, as well as the cover to the very first issue of Legion of Super-Heroes (vol 2)! Except for consistently drawing Shadow Lass without a cape, this is great stuff!

Unfortunately, Dick Giordano passed away at age 77 in 2010.

But we can always enjoy his great art! So here is some of the best of Dick Giordano's Legion art....and one of his personal favorite pieces of his own work, featuring his favorite character, Batman, and the first place I ever discovered his pencilled art, Justice League of America.

The LAST issue of Superboy and the Legion....! 
...and the FIRST issue of Legion of Super-Heroes (vol 2)

Happy Birthday, Mr. Giordano. 
Thank you, and good afternoon! 

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