Monday, July 27, 2015

Wonder Woman #101 "Fun House of Time!"

Hey Legionnaires, once again the Kord Kid (that’s me) is back to entertain and educate, this time with a Legion peculiarity. The Time Trapper first battled the Legion in Adventure Comics #317…but he first appeared in this story from Wonder Woman #101 by Robert Kanigher, with art by Ross Andru and Mike Esposito, as the Time Master. Let me start my saying, I didn’t choose the story, it was chosen for me. Yes we all have Bilingual Boy to thank for this once again. That said, though a bit weird, this is definitely the kind of amusing Silver Age tale I enjoy. So without further ado, let’s get started!
Col. Steve Trevor calls Wonder Woman, on a “special Amazon radio” that looks like a ring, to remind her of a date they have. The message is received by Lt. Diana Prince, who quickly ditches her civvies and joins him as Wonder Woman. The duo head to a place called Frolic Park, and the opening of Ty M. Master’s Fun House! 

Once inside though, things get weird! After choosing an option from a room full of doors, they find themselves face to face with pterodactyl. Steve thinks it’s all an elaborate illusion, until they find themselves snatched up in the beast’s talons! He goes for his gun, but it doesn’t work. Wonder Woman has to explain to him that in the time of dinosaurs guns weren’t invented yet, hence no working firearm. With that said, she comes up with a plan to lasso a flaming meteor! Yup, you read that right. She begins spinning it in circles, using the fire and smoke to distract the flying reptile and securing their freedom. 

They soon find themselves back in the room full of doors, this time though with the image of Ty M. Master reflected back at them. He explains, like all villains do, that he’s really the Time Master. He pats himself on the back for the clever word play in his name, says he has them trapped, aims to destroy them, blah, blah, blah, but gives them a chance. He reveals that he himself is hiding behind one of the doors…all they have to do is pick the right one and open another. 

Not wanting to stand by and allow the villain to “menace Earth”, Steve and Diana open another…and find themselves in the ocean, about to be sucked up by a giant whirlpool! Not only that, Columbus’ ship, the Santa Maria, is about to get pulled in as well! Wonder Woman throws Steve to safety, or as safe as further out to sea is, and lassos the ship, before tossing it clear of the whirlpool. 

Back to the room of doors for our heroes! Steve thinks Time Master’s phrasing of “open the right door” is a hint that they should open the door on the right. Wonder Woman shoves Trevor out of the way, in an attempt to keep him safe, and heads through the doorway solo. She soon finds herself on the back of a UFO, in the future, as this alien menace fires on a city. Guess what? She lassos something again! This time it’s a skyscraper. She figures they get hit by lightning all the time and damned if she isn’t right! One end of the lasso tied to the UFO, the other hooked around the skyscraper and CRACK and SPLAANNG, the alien threat is eliminated! 

Soon she’s back with Trevor in front of the doors. That’s when it hits her. She doesn’t have to open them…just run quickly and vibrate through them until she finds the Time Master.  

After admitting defeat Time Master quickly vanishes, leaving them one final challenge…get out of the fun house before it caves in.

So…that was…interesting? A few quick thoughts…Wonder Woman says she needs to stop him from menacing the Earth. He never actually says that’s his plan! Sure, he says he’s going to destroy her, but Earth? Never mentioned directly. Also, having not read a whole lot of Wonder Woman solo stories before I was struck by the fact that she uses that lasso for EVERYTHING! Not the bracelets or boomerang tiara, not her strength…just that magical rope. And speaking of rope…what the hell must Columbus and crew be thinking? Some nearly nude woman just roped their ship and tossed them across the sea! So, keeping things honest, I don’t have a lot of knowledge of the Time Master/Time Trapper. I read the Cosmic Boy mini a while back, but to date haven’t read his first encounter with the Legion. So I ask you, dear reader, is he always this goofy? Does he always pull this kind of disappearing act when caught? For those more familiar with the character, what did you think of this odd "first" adventure? Inquiring minds want to know! 

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  1. I thought it was really stupid that Steve’s gun didn’t work in dinosaur times because the gun hadn’t been invented then. Time travel can’t affect technology that way.