Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hot: Francis Portela Brings The Heat

There wasn't a lot to overly praise about the last Legion of Super-Heroes title.

But one thing that definitely was a highlight was the super-slick art by Francis Portela. Portela's stream-lined look definitely worked with the idea of a gleaming future.

But Portela also brought a fair amount of hotness to the entire cast. Reading this book was like watching Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210 in their heyday. Everyone was beautiful.

And so I thought I would sample the hotness for you by showcasing the character I surmise Portela loved drawing - Dream Girl.

Nura certainly strikes a stunning figure even when in something as boring as a meeting.

But put her in a scene where she is vamping poor Brainiac 5 and she is like a super-nova.

How could Brainy not melt next to this?

That doesn't mean Dreamy was just about the looks.

She can be downright nuclear when laying the smack down like in this wicked flying kick.

Dreamy had a pretty decent presence in this volume of the Legion and Portela made her shine each and every time. The perfect presentation for someone called 'the most beautiful and alluring Legionnaire' in Who's Who.

But as I said, Portela liberally distributed hotness to the whole cast. And they weren't all the same shapes and sizes.

As most know, my Legionnaire crush is Lightning Lass and Portela makes her look electric! Downright shocking!

She isn't as curvy as Dreamy but, for me, she is even more smoking.

And even the villains look gorgeous.

No wonder these guys obey Saturn Queen without pause. Who could resist her? With one knee bent a bit and one hand clawed in rage, she is the perfect mix of beauty and evil.

I would certainly recommend any book Portela drew just for the visuals. A shame he isn't on any book right now!

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  1. Yes, Portella drew an amazing Dream Girl. He also drew the best concept of Ultra Boy in print. I loved his art every issue. Portella's art was indeed the high point of the last Legion series.