Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Who's Who: The Legion of Super-Heroes

...and with that, we are at The End of Phase 1 of the Legion of Super Bloggers' "Who's Who of the Legion of Super-Heroes" column!

It's been 38 weeks, but we finished covering the entire roll call for the Silver Age-Bronze Age Legion of Super-Heroes. So from now on when you are faced with something like this: should be able to recognize a few of the characters!!

As we have completed the first lap of our Who's Who series I'd like to thank my co-writers, Kyle, Anj, and especially Siskoid, who was Lightning Lad to my Cosmic Boy. He was there from the beginning, through all of the posts, helping me and covering stories from the 5YL and later eras. In fact, he is now stepping up and taking over this series as we move into the Five Year Gap and beyond. I look forward to reading about some of the characters I am not as familiar with as I am with these young people above. 

I'd also like to point out that the main reference I used was The Legion Of Super-Heroes Sourcebook I by Paul Levitz and Steve Crow. It was an invaluable resource for Legion history and character profiles. Because it was co-written by the long-time Legion writer, I tend to take most of what it says as The Gospel. If you are interested in this era of the Legion (it was published in 1986, after the mystery of Sensor Girl had ended) and you come across this book, I heartily recommend it.  
As an added bonus, here is John Byrne and Karl Kesel's take on the Greg LaRocque & Larry Mahlstedt Who's Who profile pic, from Superman #8. Can YOU spot all of the differences between the two illustrations?  

And as an extra added bonus, here are the "head shots" of all of our Legionnaires. These were what the amazing artist Rob Kelly used to make the "matrix" we have been using as our Who's Who link on the right side of this page. How many of these characters can you name?


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