Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy Birthday, Invisible Kid (one)!

According to the 1976 DC Calendar, today will be the birthday of Lyle Norg, better known thoughout the galaxy as Invisible Kid.
Invisible Kid was the eighth member to join the Legion of Super-Heroes, and served as Leader during Year Six.
Invisible Kid is a Scorpio. The long and winding stretch will fool him at every turn. He'll succeed if he keeps on his course. He should reaffirm his goal by saying it out loud in the mirror or writing it a few times in a journal. relaxation....all that he feels that he is being denied now...will soon be forthcoming.

Legion Artist extraordinaire Steve Lightle shares his birthday with Lyle Norg. This is a bit ironic, as Steve never had much chance to illustrate Invisible Kid while he was on the Legion book, as Lyle had died more than ten years before Steve's run started. However, there was this cover for a flashback story...!

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