Friday, November 21, 2014

Hot: Steve Lightle Designs!

What better way to end our Steve Lightle Week here at the Legion of Super-Bloggers than to showcase several of Steve's best-known designs? Except for maybe Blok, they are all pretty hot..!

First appearance of Tellus, co-created by Steve (LSHv3 #9)

Timber Wolf's new uniform (LSHv3 #13)

 Blok's more colorful look (LSHv3 #13)

 First apperance of the 2nd Karate Kid (far right) (LSHv3 #13)

 First appearance of Mentalla, 
who went on to infamy a few issues later (LSHv3 #14)

 Steve's tweeked Polar Boy design (LSHv3 #14)

 First appearance of Quislet, co-created by Steve (LSHv3 #14)

 Hot Phantom Girl just passing through...

 First appearance of Sensor Girl, designed by Steve (LSHv3 #14)

And what's hotter than Dr. Regulus? Well....atleast this cover....? about a cover of Sun Boy!?

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