Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Art Institute of Zwen: Pat Broderick

Welcome to Pat Broderick Week here at  
the Legion of Super Bloggers!

What is it about the month of November and great Legion artists?
Pat Broderick was born on November 26, 1953. So all this week we here at The Legion of Super-Bloggers want to celebrate *another* of the great Legion of Super-Heroes artists!

Pat started out at DC as a member of the "Junior Bullpen" in the early Seventies. Then he moved to Marvel, where he worked on Captain Marvel with Jim Starlin and The Micronauts with Bill Mantlo. After three years there, Pat had a dispute with Jim Shooter, Marvel's then Editor In Chief. So when DC made him an offer, he took it! The first series he was given was Legion of Super-Heroes. He drew issues 284 thru 287 before he was offered Firestorm, and moved over to that series. He ended up working on several series while at DC, such as Lords of the Ultra-Realm, Detective Comics, Captain Atom, and Green Lantern. In1988 he returned to Legion (v3) for three issues...followed again by Keith Giffen! In the Nineties he returned to Marvel, working on such titles as Alpha Flight and Doom 2099

Pat's brief tenure on Legion showed a wonderful eye for future architecture (one story was set entirely at Space Port) and for character personalities (one story featured the Legionnaires out of their uniforms, and it was a testament to Pat's ability that we could still tell who each member was, even without their uniforms). Sandwiched between Jimmy Janes and Keith Giffen, Pat is often over-looked in Legion history. We hope to help remedy that.

Pat can be found on the internet at The Art of Pat Broderick.

To kick off this week-long celebration, here is work from each of Pat Broderick's issues. Behold, and appreciate true talent. 

Be back on his birthday on Wednesday as we showcase even more great Pat Broderick art! 

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