Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Birthday, Pat Broderick!

Happy Birthday, Pat Broderick!

Today is the birthday of extraordinary artist Pat Broderick, born on this date in  1953.

Anj here. I have been a fan of Pat's since the early 80s. I think I truly became a fan with his work on Firestorm. His style was beautiful and one of the first that I 'recognized'. I think his Legion work is great but, in my mind, he will always be the artist of Firestorm and Captain Atom. I was thrilled that Nightshade, one of my favorite B-listers, became a character in Captain Atom and was drawn by Broderick. Also, his chapter in the wonderful Justice League of America #200 is fantastic and was the first time that I understood the strength of the Martian Manhunter. I recently was lucky enough to meet Broderick at the Rhode Island Comic Con and gushed a bit like a fanboy. He was completely gracious and great to talk to. 

additional GL cover, Captain Atom cover, Micronauts. Alpha Flight? Doom 2099? 

Pat can be found on the internet at The Art of Pat Broderick.

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