Friday, November 14, 2014

Hot: Dave Cockrum's Legion Heroines

To bring our special Dave Cockrum Week to a close, how about we look at some beautiful Legion women as only Dave could draw them? All of these women are wearing uniforms designed wholly or in part by Dave!
Shrinking Violet, coquettish in her far-out new costume (Superboy #193)

Phantom Girl is hot! (Superboy #195)

Dream Girl is called "Dreamy" for a reason! (S/LSH #199)

Princess Projectra is all over her royal uniform (S/LSH #199)

 Duo Damsel is twice as nice for Bouncing Boy (S/LSH #200)

Shadow Lass walking hand-in-hand with Mon-El (S/LSH #200)

Infectious Lass was created by Dave Cockrum (S/LSH #201)

Light Lass was the last heroine to get a Cockrum original 
in his last regular issue (S/LSH #202)

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