Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Resolutions 2015

 Happy New Year from the Legion of Super Bloggers! 

Did you happen to pick up the recent issues of Justice League United? If so you know that the Legion of Super-Heroes is back. Well, a few of them are, anyway.

We here at the Legion of Super-Bloggers want nothing more for the New Year than for a monthly Legion of Super-Heroes comic to be published again! Well, collectively, we don't want anything else. Individually....? Here are our Legion of Super-Bloggers Resolutions for 2015!

Russell "Bilingual Boy"
"I promise to..." make sure that the LSB posts *something* every single day during 2015. And I promise that after I finish the Claasic Who's Who Legion blog series, I will let others do the Bad Guys and the 5YL and all of the others. Share the joy, ya know?
"I would love...." to find an affordable Mattel 12-Pack Legion series like David is reviewing  here. The only time I have ever seen this for sale I was in Canada on a business trip and did not have the money to spend. Of course, if I knew then that I would *never* see this set again, anywhere, I would have bought it...!

"Siskoid 5"
 "I promise to..." recruit new Legionnaires, either as full members or guest collaborators, women if possible.
"I would love...." it if a new Legion of Super-Heroes series popped up and it was actually good.

The Irredeemable Shag
 "I promise to..." post more reviews from my eight-year-old daughter of the Legion of Super Heroes animated series. She loves the cartoon and keeps asking me to post more about it on the blog!
"I would love...." to see the Five Years Later volume of Legion get collected or made available digitally! C'mon DC, take my money!

Tim "The Kord Kid"
"I promise to..." finish my outsider's perspective write up of the Star Trek/Legion story...and a few others I have in mind. And I promise to continue participating in our round table reviews! They've definitely been the highlight of my time with the Legion of Super-Bloggers!
"I would love...." to teach the world to perfect harmony! Oh, wait...I've just been informed we're supposed to be looking for something Legion related. OK, I'd love to teach the Legion to sing? All kidding aside, I'd love to continue participating here, learning more about the history, the characters...and maybe find the definitive answer to my original question when we I love the Legion?

Anj "Five Years Later Lad"
"I promise to ..." do my level best to stay on time with my weekly 5YL reviews. I will admit that when Keith Giffen leaves, the book loses a little something in my mind ...
"I would love..." to make myself a Wildfire t-shirt. I have had success in the past with computer transfer paper (making a nifty 'Sand Superman' shirt and a Jem and the Holograms one). I keep looking for the 'ultimate' Wildfire pose I can use as a template. The Who's Who entry is too static.

...and how about our erstwhile Legionnaires? What do you suppose *they* want for the new year?

Mon-El promises to find Shadow Lass and do things to her in the dark.

Brainiac 5 promises to work on his people skills.

Saturn Girl promises to grow her hair out.

Phantom Girl promises to find Ultra Boy for some ultra-snogging.

Chameleon Girl promises to make up lost time with her Big Boy.

Tyroc promises to change his fashion sense to represent a new era AGAIN.

Wildfire promises to stop being such a hot-head.

Tellus promises to revert back to his original no-hands "fish look."

Timber Wolf promises to stop having so much alone time.

Gates promises not to teleport into Sun Boy's quarters ever again.

May the new year bring you nothing but peace and happiness 
~The Legion of Super-Bloggers

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