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Hot: Shvaughn & Jan Frolicking

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Legion of Super-Heroes #9 was a sort of a 'day in the life' look at a number of Legionnaires, wrapping up some subplots and initiating other plots. Writer Paul Levitz was really firing on all cylinders. And artist Steve Lightle's stuff is just beautiful.

It is appropriate that I am posting some Lightle art on a Hot post. Lightle makes everybody hot and this cover accentuates that. White Witch? Hot. Lightning Lass? Hot. Dream Girl? Hot.

But the stars of the issue from a hot point of view are Element Lad and Erin Shvaughn, the silhouetted faces in the background on the cover.

Element Lad had been thought dead by the Legion for a few months but, after a side mission fighting a Controller, he returns.

And he decides to surprise Shvaughn while she is at work.

Seeing him in the shadows, she throws herself into his arm and lands a huge kiss. Shvaughn looks hot!
But the reunion continues into the evening for a 'private party' (Levitz's words). While lounging in Jan's apartment, Shvaughn decides to take matters into her own hands.

Jan is a shy guy and might never make the first move. So Shvaughn, dressed quite provocatively, dives on him, peeling off Jan's shirt and basically telling him that the time for words is over.

Hubba hubba!
Unfortunately, as always seems to happen with the Legion, the obvious next step is blocked by a SciPo alert. A crime wave is happening in Hong Kong and Dream Girl picks Jan to lead a team. And, insanely, Element Lad decides to leave right then and there!! While Shvaughn stands exposed ... both physically and emotionally, Jan skedattles!

So close!!
Luckily the mission is brief and Jan is back at sunrise.

There'll be no interruptions now. The flight ring is tossed aside.

Ahh ... young love!

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