Friday, January 2, 2015

Hot: Supergirl Visits The Future For The First Time

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The year was 2010. Supergirl was being written by Sterling Gates and was flourishing. Gates had the uncanny ability to have a completely modern take on the character while infusing some of the more classic aspects of the character. One of those things was a time with the Legion and a relationship with Brainiac 5.

In Supergirl Annual #2, the Maid of Might gets briefly trapped in the future and becomes part of the Legion. If you are a Legion fan, I guarantee you will love this issue. It is worth seeking out. The art of the issue is split between Matt Camp and Marco Rudy.

And Matt Camp is able to turn up the heat a little with his fine-lined precise style. Here are a couple of examples!

I love this scene where Kara, Imra, and Luorno lounge around the pool. This isn't gratuitous ... just fun.

But I thought it was funny that Gates implies that it is Supergirl who nudges Saturn Girl towards her 'pink bikini' Dave Cockrum costume.

The villain of the piece is Satan Girl, a character name well known to Supergirl fans who have seen a version of this character pop up in all her incarnations.

This is the hottest of the Satan Girls who have appeared in Supergirl books. For one, she is a demon with the usual fire elements in her appearance. But she is also a goddess of chaos and hedonism as well.

In the end, it is up to Supergirl and Brainiac 5 to team up and save the day. And that makes some sparks fly! Look at this! Brainiac and Supergirl's first kiss! I love how stiff and awkward he appears!

Want to read more? I covered the issue over on Supergirl Comic Box Commentary when it came out here!

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  1. Loved this. Wish that stories like this that try to embrace and retain the Legion's history in a new form were the norm, rather than just ditching it.