Sunday, January 4, 2015

Art Institute of Zwen: Neal Adams & Dick Giordano

In 1975 DC Comics and Warner Bros. Books published the 1976 DC Comics Calendar. Each month featured a "poster" scene of one of DC's main characters. And who was chosen to start the whole thing off in January 1976? The Legion of Super-Heroes, illustrated by Neal Adams and Dick Giordano, that's who!
This picture was on the wall in my room for years, not only because it was so cool, but also because it helped me learn who all of the Legionnaires were!
Long-time Legion fans will notice that this scene must occur between Superboy/Legion #203 (the death of Invisible Kid) and Superboy/Legion #212 (the resignation of Matter-Eater Lad).
As far as I know, these pictures have never been collected.
Neal Adams drew quite a few covers for the classic Adventure Comics run, which we will begin to spotlight throughout the new year.
Long Live the Legion!

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