Saturday, January 31, 2015

Justice League United #7

The Infinitus Saga continues with Part 3 (of 5) in the pages of Justice League United #7.
Released December 10th 2014
Written by Jeff Lemire
Penciled by Neil Edwards
Inked by Jay Leisten and Keith Champagne
Colors by Jeromy Cox
Cover by Andrew Robinson
Darwyn Cooke Vintage Variant

The story opens where the last issue left off, the JLU are on the moon Ryngor in the Polaris system battling the storm of energy beings that Bythe has just unleashed on the Universe. But luckily for the JLU, the members of the Legion Lost team have joined the fray and come to their aid. Black Mass teleports Ultra back to Byth’s inner temple while Byth attacks Dawnstar and the other Legionnaires. Just as it looks like the heroes are about to be overwhelmed, they are transported to safety on Rann, where the other members of the team reside. Brainiac-5 informs them that once Sardath was able to get through the interference caused by the cosmic storm of energy beings that Byth released, they were able to lock onto their position and teleport them to safety. The team regroups and introductions are made while Martian Manhunter tries to telepathically contact Ultra the Multi-Alien. As Manhunter and Ultra converse telepathically, Byth hijacks their astral chat and kicks Martian Manhunter out of Ultra’s mind. Martian Manhunter reveals to the team that all they thought they knew about Byth was wrong, and that he is much more powerful than they ever dreamed. After a little more discussion, the members of the Legion and Justice League United teams agree to re-enter the fray and try to put an end to Byth’s plan once and for all.

Meanwhile, Byth and Hawkman prepare a ship to take Ultra close to the black hole where Byth’s forces are pouring out. Once in position, they can take the final steps to Ultra’s evolution into Infinitus, and bring about the end of everything. And that is where they meet the combined forces of our assembled heroes. However, in a final ominous splash page, our heroes are told by an armored Hawkman that they are too late, for “THE END IS HERE.” To be continued...! 

Closing Thoughts:
The story really comes to a screeching halt in this issue. Not a lot happens this issue, and the result is a very short $3.99 read. The art is very good and pretty to look at, very detailed and action packed. It feels like it was stepped up a bit since last issue. That may be in part due to the additional inking support provided by Keith Champagne, an industry mainstay for the last 20 years and one of my personal favorite inkers of the modern era of comics. There is a lot of action in this issue but not a whole lot of plot development or story. The issue opens a midst a battle, the heroes are temporarily teleported out of battle to safety, they regroup, then they teleport back in. Throw in a reveal of Byth being more powerful than they imagined, and you pretty much nailed all that happens as far as moving the story along. It's great to see the Legion Lost cast of characters back in action, but what started off as a plot and character driven mystery surrounding, Ultra, Byth, and his Cult has become a casualty of the "write for the trade" story.

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